Our Philosophy

We all have things that drive us in life. At Atomic Bookkeeping, we love coaching, improving processes, and creating greater efficiencies. We are coaches here to help our clients with hands-on support.

As bookkeepers, we get to know your company from its foundation and report on your financial health. By partnering with you and keeping up to date financial reporting, we position ourselves to provide timely coaching to assist you to improve your processes and improve efficiency.

As your coach, we ask three simple questions and issue a call to action:

  • Where am I? A solid grasp on your financial health is essential to answering this question in order to determine where your company is and what direction it is going.
    • By keeping up to date, timely financial records with access to real-time reporting, we provide big-picture answers defining the direction of your business.
    • As we record and report on your finances, we look at the day-to-day purchasing efficiencies. We question, “What was this purchase? Why was the purchase made? Is there any benefit to the purchase? What was the benefit? Was the benefit greater than the cost?”
  • Where am I going? What is the vision you have for your company? What are your short-term and long-term goals? This is the question that defines your passion, driving you to lead your company.
  • How do we get there from here? Here your passion and reality of the moment meet. Are you on a path to follow your vision and meet your goals? What adjustments need to happen? What adjustments can happen? Should you change the destination or the processes designed to take you there?

The questions are simple. That doesn’t mean that the answers are easy. Changing spending habits or holding ourselves accountable for a lack of performance is not usually comfortable. This is where our call to action comes in.  Some may think it is cheesy. Ironically, being from Wisconsin, this is not only a personal motto, but the state’s as well.

Keep Moving Forward

Whatever spot you find yourself in, we are here to assist you to move toward your goals.