Life is about Balance

Entrepreneurs are unique. We pour everything they have into our passions. The problem most of us have is that we either don’t have a plan to delegate responsibilities or we just can’t trust someone else with our business. Failure to have a plan or trust can cause you a lot of pain. Even the smartest, most talented business owner can fall into the trap of believing they are the only one that can do the job. Remember to have a plan and delegate, don’t fall into Elon’s trap.

Do you know your Why?

Do you ever think about the reason you do what you do? Do you know your WHY? If asked, can you define how your passions affect your day-to-day life? The goal of having this blog and Facebook page is to share our WHY with you and encourage you to chase your passions.

The concept of the WHY is not something that I came up with. If you have seen previous posts, you probably know that I really like to listen to Simon Sinek teach. In the attached TED Talk on great leadership, it introduced me to the concept of finding your WHY.

I usually try to keep the items I share here to under 3 minutes. This talk has changed the way I see my life. If you have 18 minutes to watch, maybe it will for you too.

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Here at Atomic Bookkeeping, we are in business to support your business. Each business is different, and each business leader is unique. Still, there are a few common truths that our friends and clients have in common. They have a Vision for their business that drives them to push through difficulties to find their success. To chase their vision, they set goals and focus on revenue-generating activities. Lastly, they actively seek advice from other professionals. We are here to take care of your bookkeeping, report on your financial health, and point out the places where we see room for improvement. Please contact us to discuss how we can provide you the support your business needs.


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