Do you focus on Marketing, Business Branding, or Personal Brand?

So, how do you sell your product/service?

  • Are you a Brand Guy? Business Brand or Personal Brand?
  • What is a brand? Why would you use personal brand vs business brand vs straight-up product marketing?
  • Product marketing can make you $$ and aims to do just that, but it is a now proposition. Marketing your product/service is VERY important, but it is an immediate, product-focused aspect of your sales funnel.
  • Business Branding is long term planning. As soon as a competitor’s brand becomes the popular version of the product you have successfully marketed, they will eat your lunch, taking advantage of your well-marketed product, selling their cool brand.
    • For example, I overheard my daughter talking to a friend. About 6 months ago he challenged her to save her money, rather than just blowing it on junk. She said that she would save for a pair of AirPods. She has made plenty of money to reach this goal and he knows it. So he was giving her some grief and mentioned that he hadn’t seen her wear them yet. I heard her tell him she had gotten some off-brand ones for Christmas but she won’t wear them to school. Um, my wife and I got her Skull Candy brand, not Apple. (I’m a little hurt on this one.) People pay for Brand.
    • I could definitely focus on building a business brand. Atomic Bookkeeping provides a necessary, undervalued service. There is definitely enough to focus my business branding on.
  • Even still as an entrepreneur, I believe in focusing on Personal Branding. Why? Good business branding invites everyone you have targeted with your brand too, to take advantage of your services. This might make you feel successful with a large volume of potential clients looking at your services. It will also mean that you will share your time with many clients who are not a good fit for your company. It comes down to self-awareness. I don’t want every small business owner as a client. I am not arrogant enough to think they all want to work with me either. People work with people they like. By focusing on my personal brand, I become vulnerable. I open myself up to not being liked.
    • When I sit down with a potential client, they already know that they need my services. The initial meeting is to see if we are comfortable working together. Sometimes we hit it off right away. Other times, we’ve sat down, had a cup of coffee, hit it off well, and walked away as friends without doing business.
    • By focusing on your personal brand, you understand what drives you to drive your business. For me, I love business (general) and am here to support entrepreneurs (specific). When I meet with a client, we both bring something to the table.
    • Your personal brand is your Reputation. If you are an entrepreneur, it is your most valuable possession. Odds are you will have a business failure at some point. Will you take a reputation of quality with you or identify with the things that caused your failure?

Build your Personal Brand, Prepare, Be Confident, and Be Blessed.



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