Beta Blog 3: Essential Tools for Virtual Entrepreneurs – ProWritingAid

Essential Tools for Virtual Entrepreneurs.

Welcome to our series of blogs on “Essential Virtual Business Tools for Entrepreneurs.” In this series, we share outstanding tools that we rely on each day to save time and be efficient. Many of these applications have both paid and free versions. Check them out to see if they can save time for you.
PROWRITINGAID – Affiliate Link:
Do you produce written content? Do you compose emails? Do you want to be better with your written communications? There are several good virtual tools to help you write. I have tried many of them. My favorite (by far) is ProWritingAid. In fact, I composed this Blog in my ProWritingAid account.
ProWritingAid has both free and paid versions. If your writing is under 500 words, the free account is full of great tools. When I finish writing this blog, I will check it for:
  • Readability: Confirming that this column is readable at a 5th-grade reading level.
  • Length: Sentence variety and length.
  • Overused Words: Showing me how to use a better variety of terms.
  • Thesaurus: Looking for stronger wording options.
  • Grammar: Making sure that I punctuated, spelled, and had the proper word usage.
  • Summary: Putting together a summary and score for the document.
I use ProWritingAid for all of my content. I encourage you to use this application for any of your writing.
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