Have you ever been distracted? Here’s my tool to avoid the distractions that impact my day.

If you have ever stepped out and started something new, you have probably experienced the doubt that most entrepreneurs experience regularly. You may have started a new business, changed how you take care of your body, began playing an instrument, went back to school, or embraced any of the thousands of other opportunities to improve your life. I have great respect for anyone who reaches out for more (any way you may define it.)

Did you stick with it? Is it still a part of your life? How long did it take to become distracted? Was the new hobby a distraction from the last new thing? I am an idea guy with an entrepreneurial spirit. I love change and am great at responding to crisis situations. I will become distracted by the next great idea if I don’t hold myself to a standard.

About 15 years ago, I started using a tool that has helped me maintain focus and direction in my business ventures. Its pretty easy. As I go through my day, I ask myself 3 questions that apply to any arena of my life and keep me moving toward my goals.

  • Where am I?
  • Where am I going?
  • How do we get there from here?

These are simple questions if you are looking at them geographically. How about spiritually? Maybe apply the questions to your family. Do you need to change direction to arrive at your intended location? Is your business on the right path to reach your goals?

Distractions happen. Some distractions can help us walk away from our daily stresses and give us a chance to recharge. Other distractions will pull you off track and hurt the pursuit of your dreams. I use this quick self-assessment tool throughout the day to stay on track.

While distractions can set us back, the real danger is how we deal with the effects of the distraction. If we get caught in guilt and defeat, the damage can be catastrophic. The distraction becomes a failure and a justification for straying from your goals. Many times, this is all that we need to give up on our dreams of self-improvement. The last step in my process is simple. That doesn’t mean it is easy. I lean on a simple statement. I remember sitting with my son watching Meet the Robinsons and hearing “Keep Moving Forward!” I had already been saying this for years.


Although it is such a simple statement, I lean on it as a mantra to overcome distractions and the feeling of failure that will destroy your progress.

If you would like to read more about how I break down my process, please visit my site at https://atomicbookkeeping.wordpress.com/our-business-philosophy/



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