That time of year again…

The beginning of a New Year brings all kinds of hope and optimism. We make resolutions to fight back the weight from last year. We are determined to make changes for a positive upcoming year. It’s like an annual life reset.

As business owners it is also that time of year where Business Planning, Taxes, and (dare I say it) Bookkeeping (that you have ignored since who knows when) take center stage. While business planning can be fun, I don’t know too many entrepreneurs who  look forward to bookkeeping or taxes.

When I talk to entrepreneurs about bookkeeping I find that many of them start out their business expecting to be able to do their books after they do all the other things involved with chasing their vision. After a short while, the necessary evil that is bookkeeping becomes a weight of guilt that haunts them/us. This time of year your books may feel more like the Ghost of New Years Past than the record of your successes from the last year, month, week…

It really doesn’t need to be this way. Your books should be the starting point when Business Planning, and I encourage you to have someone else keep them in order for you. Oh, Scott that is a shameless plug. Maybe so, but I am not wrong. You may have a great grasp of the Vision for your business. You may have every detail locked down. In truth that is fantastic and rare. Outsourcing your bookkeeping has a number of major benefits for you the business owner.

  • The benefit of  having another professional give you their prospective from what is reported in your books is a huge relief. It is like having a coach on the bench cheering you on as you take the field. He knows the game plan, and can look for adjustments while you play the game.
  • Having a bookkeeper assures you that you will have the up to date financial data you need to make adjustments to your planning when the need arises. You didn’t start the business to do the books. The books should not be your primary focus, but they should have someone focusing on them so you can be nimble and prepared as your business grows.

But Scott doesn’t a bookkeeper just do data entry?

  • Not in today’s world, with today’s tools. Today’s bookkeeper should be a professional who goes beyond the data entry and can report on the holistic health of the business documented in the books.

Alright here’s the real shameless plug. Atomic Bookkeeping believes that your books are a foundational at the base, Atomic level of your business. We want to discuss the needs of your business, and be part of the business planning for your future success.

We would be happy to set up a free consultation,

Scott Nielsen

Atomic Bookkeeping LLC



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