Welcome to Atomic Bookkeeping.

         Good bookkeeping is foundational to a dynamic business.

  • Most entrepreneurs have a clear vision that drives success. They know what they want, have strong business skills and drive to meet their goals. Still, it is rare to find an entrepreneur who is good at all the functions of running a growing business. In most cases, we find that bookkeeping is one of the last things that the entrepreneur has time to focus on. Atomic Bookkeeping believes that keeping your books up to date is foundational (dare I say at an atomic level) for the health of your company.
  • We provide timely feedback and data that you need to be dynamic, ready to make the moves when your market dictates. Are you ready to move forward when the next opportunity presents itself? Can you produce financial data to prove the value of your business to your banker? Would the reporting be so impressive that it instills Investor Confidence? If not, why? Today’s bookkeeping services should assist you to be dynamic, ready to move when the door to opportunity opens.

You are not looking for someone to just enter data into a computer. You need custom reporting tailored to keep you up to date on the financial health of your business. We believe that you should always have current data to plan for financial opportunities and be ready to react when the financial storms move in to affect your dreams.

Atomic Bookkeeping is here to help you improve your profitability as we create a long-term partnership supporting your business needs.

We keep our eyes on your books while you reach your dreams.


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