Welcome to Atomic Bookkeeping.

             Most people don’t associate the word Atomic with Bookkeeping. We believe that the word Atomic implies something that is both dynamic and at the same time foundational.  

Your Bookkeeping service should strengthen your foundation and help your company be more dynamic:

  • Strengthen your foundation: Most entrepreneurs have a clear vision that drives operational success. They may have outstanding leadership skills making them a natural when it comes to Sales, or HR management. It is rare to find the entrepreneur who is good at all of the functions of running the business, and keeping up the companies books. Keeping the books up to date is as foundational (dare I say at an Atomic level) as any of the other pillars of the company. Without strong management of your books, the foundation of the company can shift without notice.
  • Keeping you informed with the company data needed to be Dynamic. You may ask “How can my bookkeeping help my company be Dynamic? I find it a boring, necessary evil that comes with running a business.” My reply: If I were to walk in today and offer to buy your business, or if I brought you an expansion opportunity that would require a conversation with your banker, would you be able to produce the financial data to prove the value of your business. Would the reporting be so impressive that it instills Investor Confidence? If not Why? Today’s bookkeeping services should be set up to allow you to be Dynamic, ready to move when the door to opportunity opens.  

We don’t “just” maintain your books. We also give you custom reporting designed specifically to keep you up to date on the financial health of your business. We believe that you should always have current data to plan for financial opportunities and be ready to react when the financial storms move in to affect your dreams.

At Atomic Bookkeeping we want to help you improve your profitability as we create a long-term partnership where we support your business needs.

At Atomic Bookkeeping assisting you to focus on your vision while we focus on your books. Where your business success is our business.



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We would like to discuss how we might be able to support your business. You can contact us by Phone or Text (608-515-8110), Email (Scott@AtomicBookkeeping.com), or by providing your information below.



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